Sinkari Melam - The Tone of Kerala

The music of God’s Own Country owes its origin to the ancient, illustrious traditional heritage of the land and the unique culture of the people.Sinkari melam related to Panchavadyam, is a classical performance of various musical instruments that are endemic Kerala. As the term “pancha” in Sanscrit means five, Panchavadyam consists of five percussion instruments- Edakka, Elathalam, Kombu, Shudha Madhalam and Timila. Edakka, Shudha Madhalam and Timila are different kind of drums while Elathalam is a cymbal and the Kombu is a kind of trumpet. Altogether symphony of these five musical instruments captivates the listeners. The performance of Panchavadyam is an integral part of the festivals of the Temples in Kerala, especially in Central Kerala. The most celebrated performance is put up at Thiruvambadi Temple during the Thrissur Pooram.
The performance of Shinkari Melam is an integral part of the festivals of the Temples in Kerala, especially in Central Kerala and the music is considered divine.

Sinkari melam
Shinkari Melam
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